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Surf & Kite

Summer 2014 Courses and Events

American Canoe Association
Stand-Up Paddleboard IDW/ICE (L1-L2)
This workshop is designed to develop and evaluate
experienced stand-up paddleboard Instructor
Candidates. We will prepare lessons, develop our
teaching methods, analyze videotape and refine
paddling skills on flatwater, in river current and on
Lake Superior. Facilitated by Instructor Trainer -
Randy Carlson and assistants. Meet at the Outpost
May 15-18, 9am-4pm
Cost: $377 UMD Students/$420 Others
Info Sheet

Lester River Stand-Up
Paddleboard, Surf Ski and
Sit-On-Top Kayak Instruction &
Equipment Demos

Make a new connection with Lake
Superior. Our staff and equipment will
be set up on the West side of the Lester
River mouth from 3-8pm on several
Fridays and Saturdays. We provide basic
instruction, stand-up paddle board,
surf ski or kayak, paddle, lifejacket and
wetsuit. Equipment is distributed on a
first come first served basis.
$25/person same day rate or $100/
advance purchase rate for the five
punch pass

Fridays & Saturdays 3-9pm
July 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26,
August 1, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23

Sundays Noon-6pm
July 6, 13, 20, 27, August 10, 17, 24


Lester River Summer Season Pass
Paddle more, learn more and save! SUP, Surf Ski
& Sit-On-Top Kayak Paddling on Lake Superior
Take advantage of progressive instruction for the
whole summer. Season pass holders enjoy early access
to equipment from 1-3pm on scheduled Friday and
Saturday sessions.

Fridays & Saturdays 3-9pm
July 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26, August 1, 8, 9, 15,
16, 22, 23

Sundays Noon-6pm
July 6, 13, 20, 27, August 10, 17, 24
Two advanced instruction sessions are offered to
members on Sundays. These sessions include:
July 13 (SUP Racing Clinic noon-3pm)
July 27 (Advanced Touring Skills noon-3pm)
$60/person UMD Students $125/person Others

Adventure Tour Level 2
Explore the Split Rock Lighthouse State Park shoreline, visit the lighthouse and a Lake Superior Water Trail kayak campsite. This day-tour is designed to refi ne your skills as we travel along a challenging route. Learn about trip planning, equipment, paddling effi ciency, group management and take in some spectacular scenery. We will compare the attributes of the SUP with the kayak in calm conditions or in wind and waves as we adapt to whatever the day brings. Meet at the UMD Boat Shed 8am-6pm.
Pick Your Date
Call to arrange dates.
$145/person/day (2-3 people)
$135/person/day (4-6 people)
Info Sheet

17th Annual Two Harbors Kayak Festival
August 1-3
More information at

Duluth Paddlesports and Surfing Rendezvous
Join local non-profit service agencies for a beach clean-up, equipment demo,
marathon downwind race and course race. Learn about Lake Superior
research, water sport safety, stewardship, access, exploration, outdoor fitness
and more.
September 26-27
More information at


Fall 2013 & Spring 2014 Courses and Events
Develop Surf, Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP),
Longboard Skateboard and Snow Kite Skills

Instructional sessions are designed to serve beginner to
advanced skill levels. Observing a session is free and boarding
rates are designed to match your schedule and budget. If you
have limited time, sign up for a Lester River Boardsport Sampler
($15 for UMD Students and $50 for others) or try a Kite Introduction
($8 for UMD Students and $15 for Others) then deduct the fee
from an annual membership if you’re hooked. Choose the Annual
Surf/Paddle Board Membership or Snow Kiting Membership for
$45 if you are a UMD Student and $115 for Others to achieve full
access! You can also combine the Surf/Paddle Board & Kite
Membership for $70 per year if you are a UMD Student and $175
for Others. Memberships are limited to the first 40 students and
10 non-students registered.

Members will be able to attend all of the scheduled programs
during the school year at no additional cost. Most importantly you
will receive e-mail invitations to roughly ten additional sessions
whenever the conditions are favorable. E-mail invitations are
offered at two different skill levels. We travel to a wide variety of
locations to encourage skill development for all. NEW!! Longboard
Land Paddling outings will also occur in 2013-2014 for all Surf and
Snow Kite members. Most of the longboard surf and stand-up
paddle board outings occur from late September through early
November, then the kite action heats up in December and runs
through March. Surfing resumes in April and early May.
Snow Kiting Info Sheet
Surf and SUP Info Sheet

Lester River Boardsport Sampler
This is your chance to try stand-up paddle
boarding, longboard skateboard land
paddling,freebording and take in the
beauty of Lake Superior’s North Shore.
Our boardsport staff are dedicated riders
who enjoy sharing their knowledge.
The RSOP Lester River Surf & Kayak
Shack serves as our headquarters and it
provides the perfect lakeside venue for
chillin, grillin, outdoor movies, illuminated
night paddling and generally developing
your boardsport skills. Local riders,
retailers, equipment reps and
leaders from related UMD student
organizations are often at our sessions to
provide additional information. It’s time to
grab a board, pick your stance and
start riding!
Thursday 4-9pm - September 12
Saturdays 4-9pm - September 14
We Provide: Instruction, boards, wetsuit,
lifejacket, paddles, helmets, kneepads,
gloves, snacks, beverages, plates,
utensils, open grill, transportation by
You Provide: Swimsuit, towel, shoes to
get wet, warm clothes, closed toe shoes
for skateboarding, food to grill or re-heat
for dinner.
Meet: At the Lester River (60th Ave. East
& London Road) or the RSOP Trailhead
in the SpHC Lobby at 3:30 if you have
requested a ride.
Cost: $15 UMD Students / $50 Others
All sessions available to RSOP Surf
or Snow Kiting Members. Deduct
the Sampler fee from your annual
membership if you’re hooked.
See page 23 for membership pricing.

North Shore Lake Superior SUP and Surf Trip
Fall colors are on display and it!s surfing season here on the
rugged and beautiful North Shore. The Nouth Shore of Lake
Superior offers large cliffs and
gravel beaches that can be explored using a variety of equipment.
Our weekend will feature several adventures on water and on
land!This trip features the MN
State Parks on the North Shore and many boardsport
activities. On Saturday morning we will drive the RSOP van to
the best surfing and SUP locations. Our equipment will consist
of SUPs, surf boards, body boards, longboard skateboards,
and river kayaks. We will camp Saturday night and hit the
shoreline again on Sunday. The residual stoke from this trip
will provide plenty of energy for Monday morning classes.
Depart - Saturday, October 19, 2013 at 9am*
Return - Sunday, October 20, 2013 at 7pm
Mandatory 40-minute Pre-Trip Meeting:
Tuesday, October 15 at 5pm in SpHC 153H
* Trip departs from Randy Carlson!s home near campus to
allow for easy loading and free parking.
Trip Info Sheet

Surfing Based Strength &
Conditioning - Pool Sessions

Learn about paddling technique,
awareness of board trim, turning skills,
ducking waves, how to pop up into
a stance and balance. Strength and
endurance will be developed through
interval training on and off the surfboards
with basic submerged hypoxic training to
help you improve your comfort
under water. We will surf on the wake
behind a water-ski boat at Island Lake
and utilize stand up paddle boards
propelled with specialized paddles to
broaden your board skills. This is also a
great chance to meet others interested in
surfing, learn about equipment, and how
to get equipment. Thirty
minutes of each session will be devoted
to dry-land instruction of surf related
topics. Attendance at each session is
strongly advised.
Fridays (8:30- 11:00am)
September 13, 27, October 4, 11, 18
Wednesdays (2:30- 4:30pm)
April 9, 16, 23
We Provide: Surfboards, Accessories,
You Provide: Swimsuit, Towel
Meet: UMD Sports and Health Center
Membership Cost: RSOP Surf/Paddle
Board Only Member
$45 Annual for UMD Students / $115
Annual Others OR RSOP
Combined Surf/Paddle Board & Kite
Member $70 Annual for UMD
Students/$175 Others
*Spring Only Membership: $25 UMD
Students (205101)

Kite Introduction Sessions 205100
Learn to be a safe and efficient kite
pilot with Professional Air Sport
Association (PASA) Trained Snow Kite
Instructor Randy Carlson and staff. We
will introduce equipment design, safety
concepts, kite launching, how to fly
precision patterns, de-powering the
kite for landing and harness use. When
you put it all together, you will be able
to use the kite to pull yourself on short
controlled reaches across the softball
Tuesdays , 11am–1pm
nov 5, 19, 26, Jan 28
Friday, Noon–2pm Jan 24
We Provide: Kites, Harness, Instruction
You Provide: Pants that can get grass
stained, warm clothing that may include
winter boots, snow pants, jacket with
hood, mittens, hat, sunglasses.
Meet: Hallway outside the RSOP Day
Cost: $8 UMD Students / $15 Others
Transferable to an alternate date if wind
is less than 10 mph. All sessions available
to RSOP Snow Kiting Members. Deduct
the Intro Session fee from your annual
membership if you’re hooked.

Kite Intro & One Rip Outing 108005
Add one small group lake outing to your
Intro Session. Deduct the fee from your
annual membership if you’re hooked.
Cost: $25 UMD Students, $70 Others

Rip Outings
Lake kiting for all UMD RSOP Kite
Members. If the forecast calls for at
least 10mph winds, it’s time to strap your
equipment to your feet and learn to glide
along using the kite’s power. Stay upwind
by flying the kite with precision in the
power zones while carving. Try flying the
kite in a pattern that lifts you up in the air.
Feel the rush of a downwind speed run.
At Island Lake a snowmobile will assist
beginners that need help getting back up
wind. What a rush!

Rip Across Wild Rice Lake
Saturday 11am–5pm December 14
Thursday 11am–5pm December 12

Rip Across Island Lake
Saturday 11am–5pm January 25, March 8
Thursday 11am–5pm February 20

We Provide: Kites, Harness, Helmets,
Instruction with snowmobile support on
Island Lake.
You Provide: Alpine or Telemark skis and
Boots or Snowboard and Boots, Helmet,
Snow Pants, Jacket with Hood, Mittens,
Hat, Sunglasses, Water Bottle, Lunch/
Skill Level: All Kite Members may attend.
Must be able to safely launch, steer, depower,
& relaunch kite before traveling
away from launch area
Meet: Designated lake, Maps will be
Cost: Must be RSOP Snow Kiting Member.

Private Snow Kiting Instruction
for the Community Members of
Northern MN

Schedule a full day of snow kiting with
your own instructor. Our on-call waiting
list serves one or two people at a time.
We will call you one day in advance of a
full day kiting session to check your
availability and make sure the wind
forecast is reliable.
Cost: $150 per person/ $130 with two
You become a Snow Kite Member after your
private session.
Contact Randy Carlson
218–726–6177 or
for more details.

7th Annual umd-rsop Snow Kiting
Expo at Island Lake, MN

February 8-9, 2014
Visit our website for more details on
introduction sessions, kite demos, and the snow kiter
Promotional Flyer (pdf)
Schedule (pdf)
Island Lake Map (pdf)
Boulder Lake Map (pdf)
Wind Forcast for Duluth, MN
Current Wind for Boulder Lake, MN

Southern California Surf & SUP Training Trip - 108002
March 14-24, 2014
Spend a solid week surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, beach combing and observing
marine life. In So-Cal, surfing is built into the lifestyle. So much can be learned here.
From our campsite at San Onofre State Park we can hit several surf breaks like the San-O
Trails, Dog Patch, Old Mans, Churches, Middles, and other nice breaks in North San Diego
County. We will watch the pros at Lower Trestles, visit the Surf Heritage Foundation, eat
at the local hot spots and visit surf shops. In La Jolla we will paddle our SUPs with the
leopard sharks, seals, garibaldi fish and other marine life.
Cost $425 UMD Students $695 Others
Trip Info Sheet
Registration Roster

pool surf

stand-up paddle board

surf lester
Surfing Facts: Did you know that....
When the wind blows over Lake Superior from the Northeast, Duluth becomes a legitimate surf town. Park Point, Lester River and Stony Point are local hot spots that draw surfers into the cold water to ride fresh water waves. We have the surfboards; the wetsuits and the enthusiasm to get you involved with surfi ng in the Duluth area and beyond!

Kiting Facts: Did you know that....
Frozen inland lakes and the St. Louis River Basin near Duluth offer steady winds and open spaces for you to explore the excitement of snow kiting. The concept behind snow kiting is very basic: use the power generated from a large controllable kite to propel yourself across the snow or ice while riding a snowboard, alpine skis or even ice skates. Kites come in many sizes for use in specifi c wind conditions and are designed with open cell foils or infl atable chambers. Equipment consists of a kite, lines, control bar, harness and helmet. A Minnesota winter is the best time to learn the basics and snow kiting skills are very useful for those who wish to persue kiting on the water. Come on out and join the fun!

WIND speed and direction in Duluth!

Manitoba Surfing
YouTube Video

movie click-1
Kiting Lake Superior
Quick Time Movie 1.6mb

fox 21 news story
Fox 21 News Story
Quick Time Movie 5.0mb

RSOP Kite Expo 2009
Quick Time Movie 9.8mb

Kite and Surf Slide Show

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